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Resetting WordPress Password

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet, making up 34% of all websites.  WordPress stores all user data, including your admin username and password in a MySQL database.  For security reasons, WordPress stores passwords encrypted, making them not readable or directly writable.  You can’t just connect to the database and update the username and password in plain text.  Here are the steps to follow to reset your admin login:

  • Log in to manage your domain name, and go to the menu Profile > Manage Advanced Hosting to open the Plesk management interface.
  • On Plesk, click Files to open the file manager, click on the link for the public_html
  • Click the link for wp-config.php, and locate the lines that have 
define( 'DB_NAME', 'brav4e5c_wp420' );

define( 'DB_PASSWORD', '4(.T2S-Pp()Fc62!S' );
  • Note the name of the database, and select and copy Control-C on Windows,  Command-C on Mac  the password that is in single quotes.
  • Close the file manager window (Click the X at the top right)
  • Click Websites & Domains, and click the Databases link, and then phpMyAdmin, and paste in the password for the database.
  • You may see one or more databases listed in the left column.  Click the “+” icon next to each to to the database name that you noted earlier.  look at the table structure.  Click the table name that ends in _users.
  • On your favourite search engine, look up md5 hash generator.  A popular site for this is  This site will encrypt your new password.
  • On the site you choose, enter in your new password and have the site generate the md5 hash string.  Select and copy the entire string.
  • In the users table, you should recognize the admin user name for your account.  It is in plain text.  
  • Click Edit for that table entry, and replace/paste the encrypted password string with your new password (Control or Command V).
  • Save the changes.  You’ve now reset the password for your admin account.