Everything you need to get your domain, build your site, and get online.

We have all the services in-house you will need to register your domain name, build your website, setup email services, and get your personal, small business or corporate website online.

ICANN Accredited

Firstly, we are an ICANN Accredited registrar, so if ever you have an issue or need help with your domain, you will have direct support from the registrar of your domain.  No need to deal with a domain reseller who will have limited abilities to provide support.  Being ICANN accredited also helps reduce our costs (no middle men) and provide you with better value for your domain registrations.

In-House Hosting Services

All of our web hosting services are provided by Register4Less.com on our servers.  Again, this relates to our being able to provide the best possible hosting service and performance for your website and email service.  Because we’re on our own hardware with root access to the servers, if ever there is an issue, we have direct access to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

Building Your Website

We have many different options available to you for building your website, from simple HTML/CSS static site hosted on our 10MB free hosting platform, to WordPress and other environments on our advanced hosting platform, to having us through our sister company Lakeside Web Works build your site for you.  Regardless of what you want kind of website you want to build and get online, our team has the solution to get you there.

The non-evil registrar (and now full-service hosting company too)!

Register4Less is a different kind of domain registrar. We continually strive to keep policies for our company that put our customers first. Some examples:

Free Whois Privacy

When the practice of domain slamming first began, we developed our Whois Privacy service, and offered this free to our customers. Most other registrars (and some still do) charged their customers to protect their privacy.

Money Back Guarantee on Hosting

We are so confident in the value and quality of the hosting packages we have introduced in 2013 that we are offering not a 30 day money back guarantee, but an any-time money back guarantee!

Free Hosting, unlimited email aliases with Your Domain Registration

Since 2002, we have offered our customers web space (10MB currently) to host their sites with us, and this is included with the domain registration. So for $15.95 per year, you can have your domain registered and host a web site and have email forwarded.

About Register4Less.com’s Early Days

The primary team at Register4Less.com, Doug, Marc and Nancy, originally started a company in 1998 called Visualocity as a provider of Linux-based networking services.  At that time, domain registration services were provided primarily by one provider, and costs were significantly higher than they are today, $35.00/year per .com registration.

Register4Less.com first started in Sept. 2000 providing domain name registration service as a reseller for another accredited registrar.  A reseller is a provider that buys wholesale domain registration service from an ICANN Accredited registrar, and then resells this service to retail customers, usually via their website.

We are now an ICANN Accredited Registrar ourselves, and are registering .com, .net, and .org, .info, .biz, and soon .us domain names directly through our registrar, Register4Less, Inc.

For customers, whether their domains are registered through our reseller account or with us directly, all domains and services are still managed under the same account.