New Hosting Platform Now Live!

For those of you who watch the R4L Blog, great news. The new advanced hosting services are now live! This is literally the biggest undertaking we have taken in terms of adding new services for our customers, and one that our entire team is very excited about.

Hosting on R4L Dedicated Servers

First, a little history on how this development came about.

A little over a year ago, we started offering cPanel based hosting to our customers. This service however was one that we were reselling from a supplier of ours, so the packages that we offered were defined by them, the servers were not ours, the maintenance of the system was not us, and so on.

Not long after we started offering these packages, we ran into a couple of issues.

Some of our customers that bought the upgraded hosting packages reported problems with ftp connections (they would time out), problems sending/receiving email, and other issues with web hosting. We would report these to our supplier and do our best to get things resolved, but often were not able to. For FTP for example, files over 10MB would often timeout. We believe, but cannot determine with certainty, since this is not our hardware, that the servers were over-loaded with the number of sites they were hosting.

We had three hosting packages defined from our supplier, Tier-1: 1GB web plus 10 2GB emails, Tier-2: 100 GB web plus 200 2GB emails and Tier-3: unlimited web and 2GB email accounts.
One of our customers that purchased the Tier-3 plan kept getting failures uploading files after he had 20GB on the server. Took a while to nail down the problem with the supplier, but basically they would not allow any package to go above 20GB in space on the server. Hidden limits like this does not fit with our policy of being the non-Evil domain name registrar.

The Solution, R4L Advanced Hosting

After having these issues, it was clear to the R4L Team what we needed to do, and that is to provide the advanced hosting services with our own dedicated servers, our own software installed on the servers, our own hosting packages and policies.

Hosting Live in February 2013

We completed the deployment of our own hosting services in February 2013, and have been moving customers over to the new platform since then. One of the first tests we did with the first server was to upload a large file. We connected via FTP and uploaded a 160 MB gzipped tar archive file. There were no timeout issues with the upload, but the impressive part was once it was uploaded, expanding the archive took less than a second to complete!

Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

We do have a page on our website that gives you the full details of the hosting packages. We’re so confident that you will love the new R4L hosting service that we’re offering an anytime money back guarantee. If at any time during your use of the hosting service you wish to cancel, we’ll refund the unused time on the package.

Honest Packages, Outstanding Value

In putting the hosting packages together, we checked pricing and packages from some of the big hosting providers. With this, we’re able to ensure our packages and pricing bests those from the larger hosting companies. We designed all of the hosting packages to allow customers to make use of the complete package. If you buy hosting and have 25GB for web, and 200 GB for email, you can make full use of that space.

So, you now have a hosting solution with the kind of technical support and integrity you’ve come to know from your non-evil registrar.

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