Our Patented Login Security Agent

As an ICANN accredited registrar, we take the security on your account very seriously. The measures we take include

    • Having any page where sensitive information you provide is SSL encrypted and behind a login session.
    • Optional two factor authentication, where an app on your smart phone or tablet provides 6 digit code you add to your regular password. A new code is generated every thirty seconds.
    • A strength indicator rates your password when you create or update a new password on our system.

Despite these security measures, the one thing no service provider can protect against the human factor. Malware on computers can be used by hackers to gain account credentials, passwords can be written down and left in visible locations, etc.
Register4Less.com offers free on every account our patented LSA Service. Once configured, LSA keeps a digital eye on activity on your account, and will alert you by email when there is a log in session opened on your account.
In the event you believe the login session is not yours or could be a hacker, you are able to log into your account on our web site, and with the “kill password”, you can terminate the login session of the intruder, preventing them from being able to unlock domains or make any other changes under your account. Once you have terminated the other login session, your account password is changed to a temporary new password, disabling the ability for the intruder to be able to get back in. LSA of course records the IP address of the login session.
To set up LSA on your account, please visit our website, log into your account, and go to Profile > Login Security Agent. Instructions for how to set up your account are on screen.

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